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NetTicket Live - FAQ

How can I buy Codes

You can buy codes in our Web shop for recordings or livestreams. You can seek for a special event by name or under event organizer. You will find all available Streams under "Products"

I have paid but haven´t received any code?

When the payment is completed the ticket code is sent by e-mail containing a 10 or 16 signs long code. Check your junk mail / trash in your inbox as well.

If you still can’t find the ticket with the code, please contact us at with your email address and phone-number.

I have a code but doesn´t know what to do?

Go to and fill in the 10 or 16 signs long code in the "ticket code" window and press "Watch". If the code is valid the video or live-stream will start .

I have received a code that doesn´t work

Check that you have been filling out the right code. The best way is to copy the code from your ticket and then paste it into the right place
Make sure if you´re not copying the code that there´s a difference between number 1 and letter I as well as between number 0 and letter O.

The code I received is showing the wrong recording or livestream

Please let us know by sending an e-mail to so we can change it.  

I got a message saying that “Your ticket code is being used on another device. Due to privacy reasons a ticket code can only be used on one device at a time.”

By entering the code to another device the right to watch the event has changed to the last device that used the code

I got a message saying that "The Recording or livestream can´t be viewed and is no longer available at NetTicket Live"

The code was only viewed for a curtain time

Usually the code is for sale and can be used for 7 days after the event is over. If the code is valid for 24 hours only the time starts when the code is used for the first time

The recording has low standard

The event organizer is in charge of the quality, for both picture and sound. NetTicket is not able to make adjustments to the quality. Feedback must be addressed directly to the event organizer.

If you are in need of the Event organizers contact details, send e-mail to for more information.

I regret buying the code or I´m dissatisfied with my purchase

Purchased tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged. If an event is cancelled the Event organizer is in charge of refunds.

If you are in need of the Event organizers contact details, send e-mail to for more information.

Is it possible to chat with the organizer or artist?

At this moment, no. We can consider that if we get requests.

NetTickets obligations 

NetTicket is in charge of selling codes, delivering codes and viewing streams at website