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Accessibility Statement

The accessibility statement, for the webshop, was made 13.12.2023. The grading of the accessibility of the digital service was made by NetTicket themselves, with the use of technical tools. The accessibility requirements for WCAG 2.1 level A and AA are for the most parts met.

Issues with accessibility for the webshop
Images, menus and buttons
- Alternative texts for pictures are not always defined. (WCAG 1.1.1)
- Some menus, buttons and forms cannot be used with your keyboard. (WCAG 2.1.1)

Seating map
- Screen reader does not read the seating map, and you can not navigate it with your keyboard. (The maps do not conform to the laws on digital services.)
- The "Pay tickets"-button, that automatically chooses the best adjacent seats, can be used with a keyboard and gets identified wit h a screen reader. (WCAG 2.1.1)

Error messages
- Screen readers do not automatically identify all error messages. (WCAG 3.3.1)

Status updates
- Screen readers do not recognize all status updates on the pages. (WCAG 4.1.3)

Feedback about accessibility
If you wish to provide feedback about the webshops accessibility, send a mail to or

Implementation procedure
We will respond to your feedback in the space of 14 days. If you are disappointed with your answer, or you did not receive one in the following two weeks, you may contact the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland.

The supervisory authorities contact information
Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland,
Accessibility Monitoring Unit
Switchboard +358 295 016 000