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Contact information

Oy NetTicket Finland Ab
Business ID: 1028658-3

Harstadinaktu 4
65350 VAASA
Open: Mon-Fri 9-17

Telephone service:
0600 399 499 (1,00 €/min + local/mobile call charge)
Mon-Fri 9-21, Sat-Sun 13-21

Jonny Mandell - Economy, education and deplayment                          Louise Hernberg-Mandell - Customer service 


Mikael Mandell - Sales assistant                                                                    Mira Mandell - Customer service 

Mats Rönn - Development and programming

Heidi Lithén - markkinointi ja SOME

Mathias Söderholm - Development and programming (webshop)

Lise Strand - Campus Allegro, Pietarsaari - Ticket sales and customer service

Staff's e-mail addresses:


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