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Event details and shopping cart

When the desired event shows up on the screen, you can choose the price category and place the number of tickets required in the space below the title Select. Then add the products to the shopping cart by clicking the Add to cart button.

NOTE! You can see the location of vacant seats under the title Qty.

The different parts of the auditorium or hall have been marked with different colours. Choose the seats on the rows you would like to buy.

You can see all the chosen products and the total amounts in your shopping cart.

You can delete products from your shopping cart by checking the box "Remove" and by clicking "Update Cart Qty". Click Update Cart button to confirm the changes. You can also continue shopping and choose more tickets for the same event from different prize categories or seat rows. You can also buy tickets for another event. button after that. You can change the amount of tickets by inserting the new figure into the space "

If the desired number of adjacent seats in a certain row is not available, the program will inform you about it. If the desired number of seats is more than the number of seats in one row, this notification can be ignored.

If the desired number of seats cannot be found, the program will inform you about it. Change the amount of tickets or choose another row or try another date.

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