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Två duetter

Två duetter is a dance performance composed of two separate duets: Vardag and Sense of Hope.
The performance is a collaboration between DuvTeatern and Carl Knif Company.

Premiere November 26th

Ticket: 21 €
Student, Senior, Unemployed, Recruit, Theater worker 16 €
Wheelchair ticket 16 €
The performance is free of charge for assistants, but an assistant must have a ticket. Book a free ticket by calling NetTicket

Please note! The performance Två duetter takes place in DuvTeatern’s Studio in central Helsinki, along with the performance Näkterbaren. Buy tickets to both performances and get a discount (normal ticket 35€/ reduced price 25€). The break between the performances Två duetter and Näkterbaren will be approximately one hour. There are a number of cafés and restaurants near DuvTeatern’s Studio that you can visit for refreshments. 

For MORE information about Näkterbaren

Lenght: 60 min.
Recommended from 13 years

Vardag is a duet choreography created and performed by Carl Knif and Pia Renes. The performance contemplates the everyday through Rene’s perspective. She guides us through her routines, hobbies, and work. The structures, color codes, and rhythms of her weekly schedule transform into music and movement. The everyday becomes poetry, the small becomes big in this intimate study of time and its essence.

Language: key word signs

Choreography: Carl Knif
Dance: Pia Renes, Carl Knif
Production: DuvTeatern and Carl Knif Company

Sense of Hope
Sense of Hope is a duet created by Carl Knif in collaboration with Emil Nordman and Eero Vesterinen. This autobiographical work is based on Nordman’s own experiences of loneliness and exclusion. Despite the dark theme, however, the performance wants to evoke light and warmth through text and dance. Can we be reconciled with our pasts? How might we find our way back to the light? These are the questions posed by the performance.

Language: English

Choreography: Carl Knif, Emil Nordman
Text: Emil Nordman
Dance: Emil Nordman, Eero Vesterinen
Production: DuvTeatern and Carl Knif Company

For more information on DuvTeatern
For more information on Carl Knif Company
  • DuvTeaterns Studio DuvTeaternSFV-huset G18, Georgsgatan, Yrjönkatu 1800120 Helsingfors, Helsinki
  • 26.11.2022-14.12.2022
  • 16-35 €
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  • Sat 26.11.2022 15pmPremiere
    Två duetterPremiere
  • Mon 28.11.2022 18pm
    Två duetter
  • Wed 30.11.2022 18pm
    Två duetter
  • Thu 1.12.2022 18pm
    Två duetter
  • Sun 4.12.2022 15pm
    Två duetter
  • Mon 5.12.2022 18pm
    Två duetter
  • Wed 7.12.2022 18pm
    Två duetter
  • Thu 8.12.2022 18pm
    Två duetter
  • Sun 11.12.2022 15pm
    Två duetter
  • Mon 12.12.2022 18pm
    Två duetter
  • Wed 14.12.2022 15pm
    Två duetter
DuvTeatern Georgsgatan 18, Yrjönkatu 1800120 Helsinki
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