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Korsholm Music Festival

Tove Teuvalla

Premiere 3.8.2024 at 18.00
4.8.2024 at 15.00
8.8.2024 at 19.00
9.8.2024 at 19.00
10.8.2024 at 15.00 
11.8.2024 at 15.00

The Korsholm Music Festival produces a new opera in the summer of 2024. The opera TOVE TEUVALLA will get its premiere in the Teuva Church, as part of the Music Festival.

Director: Jorma Uotinen
Soloists: Mia Heikkinen, Johanna Rusanen, Niklas Spångberg, Tuomas Miettola, Elli Vallinoja, Mika Nikander, Minna-Sisko Mutanen
Vaasa City Orchestra, conductor Anna-Maria Helsing
Vaasan Oopperakuoro

The events and theme of the opera are wrapped around Tove Jansson's only sacred work, the Teuva Church altarpiece "Ten virgins". It will be an influential and light-bringing work that connects Tove and Teuva, the individual and the community. It moves on many levels, paying attention to beauty and hope in the midst of the pain of the surrounding world.

A-sector 78 €, B-sector 68 €, C-sector 58 €. Please note that you can only choose the row, not the exact seat.

Group discount: for groups of 20 persons or more, a 10 % discount on the ticket price.

Catering services provided by Parran Luontolaituri and Ruokapirtti 67. You can read about the options on the website and book in advance:
There will be six showings of the bilingual TOVE TEUVALLA in the Teuva Church in summer of 2024. Music is composed by Uljas Pulkkis, librettist Gunilla Hemming.
  • Teuvan kirkko Korsholm Music FestivalPorvarintie 4464700 TEUVA
  • 3.8.2024-11.8.2024
  • 52,2-78 €
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  • Sat 3.8.2024 18pm
    Tove Teuvalla
  • Sun 4.8.2024 15pm
    Tove Teuvalla
  • Thu 8.8.2024 19pm
    Tove Teuvalla
  • Fri 9.8.2024 19pm
    Tove Teuvalla
  • Sat 10.8.2024 15pm
    Tove Teuvalla
  • Sun 11.8.2024 15pm
    Tove Teuvalla
Korsholm Music Festival Senatsgatan 165100 Vaasa
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