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Three Bands Night

Three Bands Night in Malax!

Sam´s Garage, Shakers and T & The Teasers plays Modern Rock, Rock´n roll, Blues and lots of CCR!

Bygdegården, Malax Sat 24.2 8 pm
Doors open at 7 pm

Ticket 23 €

Sam´s Garage 20.00 / 21.50 Modern Rock, mostly own material
Shakers 20.40 / 22.30 Creedence Clearwater Revival
T & The Teasers 21.10 / 23.10 Rock´n Roll and Blues

The Pub is open!

Shakers i samarbete med TM-tjänst
  • Bygdegården TM-tjänstKöpingsvägen 1866100 Malax
  • 24.2.2024
  • 23 €
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  • Sat 24.2.2024 20pm
    Three Bands Night
TM-tjänst 66100 Maalahti
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