Cancelled events or the Event Organizer will be in direct contact with all ticket purchasers via text messages or emails who has bought a ticket, if a certain event is being moved forward or cancelled. If this list doesn´t provide you the correct/updatet information and you feel unsecure about the situation, please contact us in order to receive further information.  

- Yksinäisen miehen ANSA - Vaahterateatteri - New dates will be released soon
- FF Jaro kotiottelut 2020
Isak Danielsson, Ritz 24.4 - UUSI PÄIVÄMÄÄRÄ 19.9
Anssi Kela New date will be released soon - Saaristo Poker Run -  The organizer will be in charge of the refunds
- Ismo Leikola - Stand Uppia! Lappajärven kesäteatteri  will be in charge of the refunds
- Katri Helena - Lappajärven kesäteatteri hoitaa peruutukset ja rahojen palautukset
- Swingijengi - rescheduled to 2021
- Danskväll med Vikingarna och Christer Sjögren. Åminne folkpark återbetalar biljettens pris!
One Desire@WsArena - Cancelled