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Nukketeatteriyhdistys Pikku Aasi

Compagnie Dondavel (FRA) "Le Fumiste"

Pikku Aasi International Puppet Theatre Festival
Vaasan kirjaston Draamasali, Kirjastonkatu 13, Vaasa


Pe/Fr 29.10. klo/ kl. 14:00 Ranskan kieli /Franska, Visuaalinen kieli / Visuellt språk 6+ v./ års (54 min)

Liput / Biljetter : 7€
Le Fumiste proposes a journey into the universes of magic, humor, poetry, circus and theater of objects.
The show is a tribute to real childhood experiences with a touch of caress of other special moments of life. Smoke memories dance in front of your eyes seeming so realistics. If you try to catch them they will escape between your fingers until they vanish. How can you keep a memory forever?
Created and per formed by Davel Puente Hoces
AlbertoQuirós - Creation
CiaZero en Conducta - Puppet manipulation
Anouk Sébert - Voice and text
Lucas Escobedo, Daniel Sanchez - Juggling choreography
Herminio Campillo - Acting work
Imanol Ituiño y Fernando Santa Olalla - Magic
Victor Cárdenas - Lighting design
Palomia Bravo y Anita Trenzamundos - Escenography
Nicole Sébert - Costumes
Lux Nieve -Photography
  • Draama-hall Nukketeatteriyhdistys Pikku AasiKirjastonkatu 1365100 VAASA
  • 29.10.2021-29.10.2021
  • 7 €
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  • Fri 29.10.2021 14pmVIDEO STREAMING (CINEMA)
    Compagnie Dondavel (FRA) "Le Fumiste"VIDEO STREAMING (CINEMA)
    7 €
Nukketeatteriyhdistys Pikku Aasi Korsholmanpuistikko 665100 Vaasa
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