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Nukketeatteriyhdistys Pikku Aasi


Pikku Aasi International Puppet Theatre Festival
Vaasan kirjaston Draamasali, Kirjastonkatu 13, Vaasa


La/Lö 30.10. klo/ kl. 14:00 Visuaalinen kieli / universellt språk 3+- v./ års (45 min)

Liput / Biljetter : 7€
Format: Rod Puppets Language: no words
Audience: suitable for ages 3+ Duration: 45 min
SYNOPSIS Nina heard a noise in the attic of her house and she’s terrified. But tomorrow, is her birthday, so she must be courageous, this is why she decided to find out what happens in that old space, mysterious and ramshackle, where she has never dared to enter. She discovers a lot of Monsters! Hairy monsters, bearded monsters, all colors and moods! She is afraid, but she’ll meet a funny sweet monster who will help her to be brave.
Director:Symon Macintyre - Production and coordination: Glòria Arrufat - Co-production:The Puppet Lab -Puppeteers:Glòria Arrufat y Paulette San Martín – Playwriting: Eudald Ferré - Musical Composition: Oriol Luna y Àlex Polls - Scenery:Taller del
Lagarto y Diego Metalworks – Props: Pere Mas, Taller Sarandaka y Glòria Arrufat - Design and construction of puppets: ZiPit
Company - Design and costumes: Paulette San Martín
  • Draama-hall Nukketeatteriyhdistys Pikku AasiKirjastonkatu 1365100 VAASA
  • 30.10.2021-30.10.2021
  • 7 €
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  • Sat 30.10.2021 14pmVIDEO STREAMING (CINEMA)
    7 €
Nukketeatteriyhdistys Pikku Aasi Korsholmanpuistikko 665100 Vaasa
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