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Skafferiet r.f

Scandinavian Music Group

Scandinavian Music Group will release a new album in August and embark on a 20th anniversary tour!

The beloved band Scandinavian Music Group has been delighting listeners with its own music for twenty years. The band will release their ninth studio album in August and embark on a 20th anniversary tour. They will arrive in Vaasa to perform at Ritz on Friday, October 28, 2022 at 8 pm!

Tickets: 35 €
Ritz-member, Student: 30 €

Balcony K-18!
During his long career, SMG has played everything from guitar rock to folk songs and then continued to elegant art pop. The band has a habit of challenging themselves by breaking away from their old formulas from time to time. However, the melodies of guitarist Joel Melasniemi and the lyrics of soloist Terhi Kokkonen have always remained at the heart of the music.
The ninth album, which will be released in August, is the last part of the band's album trilogy. The first two parts of the trilogy are the records Terminal 2 (2014) and Baabel (2015). The most recent taste from the record was on March 25th when they dropped the single Clemensia. According to themselves, Clemens may be one of the strangest songs they have written, but at the same time, however, it is very special to them. It is a hymn of praise for love, grace and forgiveness.
Scandinavian Music Group performs live as a seven-member orchestra:
Terhi Kokkonen - song
Pauliina Kokkonen - song
Joel Melasniemi - guitar and keyboards
Antti Lehtinen - drums
Miikka Paatelainen - guitar and pedal steel
Oskari Halsti - bass
Miika Pylkkänen - keyboards
Jukka Nykänen - mixing
  • Ritz Skafferiet r.fKirkkopuistikko, Kyrkoesplanaden 2265100 Vaasa, Vasa
  • 28.10.2022-28.10.2022
  • 30-35 €
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  • Fri 28.10.2022 20pmK-18
    Scandinavian Music GroupK-18
Skafferiet r.f Kyrkoesplanaden 22 A65100 Vaasa
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