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Wasa Teater, Österbottens Regionteater

AYN - En katastrofal kontorskomedi

Thu 10.12.2020 11am

StorascenenWasa Teater, Österbottens RegionteaterSandögatan 765100 VASA

Wasa Teater - Österbottens regionteater
Sandögatan 7, 65100 Vasa

AYN is a catastrophic office comedy about the compaby Fountainhead and its emplyees. They give their all to save the company, themselves and the earth. Strategies have to bo written, the future is fantastic. There are no setbacks, only new opportunities.

Premiere: 12.9.2020

Written by: Andreas Westerberg
Directed by: Andreas Westerberg
Scenography & Clothing: Anders Karls
On stage: Johan Aspelin, Jonas Bergqvist, Lina Ekblad, Markus Lytts, Tove Qvickström, Carola Sarén, Jan-Christian Söderholm, Maria Udd
Audience development: kunskapsbok, workshop, lecture, open rehersal


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