Bladis Pojkan

02.10.2020 19:00
Organizer: Wasa Teater, Österbottens Regionteater
Wasa Teater - Lokala upplevelser i världsklass
Sandögatan 7, 65100 Vasa

Bladis Pojkan

A storytelling-performance written and performed by Erik Kiviniemi about whats right and wrong, about freedom and responsibility and abgout growing up to become a man with soft hands.

Opening night: 2.10.2020

On stage: Erik Kiviniemi
Director: Ann-Luise Bertell
Written by: Erik Kiviniemi
Scenography: Anders Karls
Music / musician: Håkan Omars

Tours around Ostrobothnia and performs at Wasa Teater during the fall of 2020.


Wasa Teater, Österbottens Regionteater

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