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Tytyrin Elämyskaivoksen geologinen kierros

23.05.2020 11:00
Organizer: Tytyrin Elämyskaivos
Tytyri Mine Experience Geological Tours

In cooperation with the Geological Survey of Finland, a new geological exhibition is being created in the Tytyri Mine Experience. The exhibition will be located in the new mine tunnel that has been excavated by branching off from the main mine corridor where the lower station of the new elevator is located. The exhibition consists of three themes, each in its own area, and two light installations located at the ends of the tunnel. The themes of the exhibition are archeology and the development of nature, the geological development of rock, and the uses of geological raw materials.

Tickets 20€
Duration 1,5 h
Addres: Kuilukatu 42, Lohja


Tytyrin Elämyskaivos