23. Ritz

30.07.2019 18:00
Organizer: Korsholm Music Festival
"Ei huono - Porista Pariisiin"
Korsholm Music Festival 2019
Kirkkopuistikko 22 A, Vaasa

30.7. at 18.00 Ritz

"From Pori to Paris"

Jorma Uotinen, song
Helena Lindgren, song
Trio Avec
Jari Hakkarainen, piano
Petri Ikkelä, accordion
Helena Plathan, cello

A drama concert about an artist's life, moments of success and failure with humor, joy and irony without forgetting the darker moments of life. In the programme we get to enjoy classic songs, such as La vie en Rose, Padam Padam, Dance me to the End of Love...

Script: Taina West, Maarit Pyökäri, Jorma Uotinen
Direction: Maarit Pyökäri

Duration 2 h incl. intermission

Tickets: 30 / 20 / 15 €


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