Checkout and payment

There are three verifying stages at the checkout, after which you will pay the tickets either as an online payment or by credit card.

1. Method of Delivery

An electronic ticket will be sent to your e-mail. This is the only possible method of delivery at the moment.

Press Continue in order to move to the next stage.

2. Method of Payment

The payment options are an online bank identification payment or payment by a credit card.

Move to the next stage by clicking Continue.

3. Order Confirmation

At this stage you can check that all details are correct. You can make changes by choosing Shopping cart from the menu or by clicking Edit next to the text you want to amend.

If you bought tickets with a discount (e.g. a student), you need to be prepared to present a certificate at the entrance.

Check your ticket details carefully before paying. Paid tickets cannot be changed or refunded.

When you are ready, press Confirm Order button, and you will get to the online payment system.

After confirming the order you will get a confirmation note to your e-mail which will help solve matters in problem situtations.

Online Payment

Nordea's online bank payment is used as an example in making an online purchase payment.

Login to the system by using your user ID and password. Continue by clicking OK.

Enter a free message for the transaction, and a verifying code to the lower corner on the right. Continue by pressing Confirm.

You will see the transaction on the screen and you will then automatically return to the service site.

4. Finished

Your order is now ready.

We will send the order confirmation and the electronic ticket to your e-mail.

Print out the ticket from your e-mail, it will be your access to the event!

Liputamme tapahtumasi

-Tickets under 10€/ticket: 1,50€/ticket
-Tickets 10 - 29,99€/ticket: 2,00€/ticket
-Tickets 30 - 59,99€/ticket: 2,50€/ticket
-Tickets 60 - 99,99€/ticket: 3,00€/ticket
-Tickets 100-149,99€/ticket: 3,50€/ticket
-Tickets over 150€/ticket: 4,50€/ticket

Invoice fee: starting at 5€/bill

Postal fee: 5€/sending

All service fees are non-refundable if an event is cancelled.
The organizer is responsible for refunding the purchase price of the ticket.

All prices include VAT.