Foodstock festival Part 1 / Los Straitjackets och Kepa Härkönen & The Surfin Raindeers

Strandis, Assarskärsvägen 1 Larsmo

Foodstock Festival Part 1:

22.6.2019 kl 20-23

Biljetter: 27 € ( inkl. serviceavgift )

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Rovaniemellä syntynyt ja Oulussa asuva kitaristi, säveltäjä ja muusikko Kepa Härkönen on julkaissut albumin omaa instrumentaali musiikkia. 
Kepa Härkönen on toiminut monissa eri kansainvälissäkin bändiyhteyksissä ja keikkaillut lukuisissa kokoonpanoissa mm. Pohjoismaissa, Venäjällä, Intiassa, Nepalissa, Bosnia Hertsegovissa jne. Kepa on tällä hetkellä kitaristina Scandinavian Snakes, Wristshakers, Kingmen Combo, Austin Mailer ja Mental Monkeys bändeissä. 
Ou´Blues palkitsi myös MOJO-palkinnolla musiikillisesta työstä kesällä 2017. 


redit Los Straitjackets for an uncanny ability to achieve recognition and respect on their own terms. Despite an unlikely image borne from their timeless twang, an assertive sound, wrestling masks and choreography, this classic quartet has sustained a well-earned reputation as America’s foremost instrumental ensemble for the better part of 25 years. Now 15 albums on, their signature take on rockabilly, rock and roll, surf music of the ‘60s and their own inventive additives within their distinctive and dynamic sound have made them one of the most daring and dramatic combos of our era. At a time when tastes change on a seemingly daily basis and fashions flourish and then fade, Los Straitjackets remain a staple, cast through a timeless template that boasts enduring appeal.  Channel Surfing, the band’s upcoming EP, finds them again exploring new terrain by channeling a classic motif through their inventive and adventurous sound. While recording up in Woodstock with the legendary Nick Lowe – whom they backed in concert and on record for the last few years – they found themselves inspired by their proximity to the iconic Ashokan Reservoir. An impromptu adaption of the venerable lament “Ashokan Farewell,” a beloved fiddle tune by Jay Ungar adapted as the theme for Ken Burns’ standout series on the Civil War, prompted the idea of recording a collection of television theme songs and adapting them to the band’s distinctive approach. They had been performing the theme to The Andy Griffith Show (“The Fishin’ Hole”) during their live shows, so that was a natural choice. But the band didn’t want to record exclusively ‘retro’ themes, and felt the medieval strains from “Game of Thrones” would naturally lend itself to a surf-rock treatment. Responding to a list provided by Nick Lowe, they combined two suggestions: the melodies associated with “Dancing with the Stars” and “Sex and the City” into an unlikely melody. However no matter how familiar these songs appear on paper, Los Straitjackets irreverent attitude and singular style ultimately make them original entities entirely.
“Our goal was to tap into tradition and then transform it in our own way,” says guitarist Eddie Angel. “As a band, we’re constantly brainstorming ways to take us into new terrain while creating something that’s recognizable and then turning it on its head.”
Los Straitjackets have accomplished that throughout their career, consistently climbing to new plateaus in the process. Never content to rest on their reputation, they enthusiastically embrace any new opportunity to advance and progress.   “We like the challenge of creating new music that might not necessarily be within our wheelhouse,” Angel says. “We thrive on the possibilities of filtering select standards through our playful approach and offering up the unexpected.”
The band ventured into uncharted territory while working with Yep Roc label mate Nick Lowe, and the results more than justified the faith of all involved. Lowe himself was so impressed, he not only recruited Los Straitjackets as his touring back-up band, but also asked them to collaborate on an upcoming Yep Roc EP, Love Starvation/Trombone, due out later this year. 
Of course anyone who’s followed Los Straitjackets’ exceptional career knows that the band has always had an affinity for offering up the unexpected. That was true even at the outset. Mutually inspired early on by such classic guitar bands as The Ventures and Johnny and the Hurricanes, Angel and fellow guitarist Danny Amis met in Nashville in the late ‘80s and decided to pool their talents into an instrumental ensemble. Both were veterans of earlier outfits that had never quite achieved the prominence that had been hoped for, but were clearly fuelled to pursue their new venture with a distinctive style that entailed the donning of Mexican wrestling masks and taking arched approaches to new environs. 
“I had hoped that every band I had been in might one day be successful, but instead, they only crashed and burned,” Angel recalls. “Even after we formed Los Straitjackets, I never figured we’d last this long. People were always telling us that there was no way an instrumental band could possibly maintain a long lifespan. Some critics couldn’t see past our image. But then, when the movie ‘Pulp Fiction’ came out, it brought surf music back to the fore and gave us that vitality and visibility which proved so essential to our success.”
Indeed, constant touring allowed the band to grow their audiences from an early cult following into mainstream awareness. Consisting of Angel, Amis, guitarist Greg Townson, bassist Pete Curry and drummer Chris Sprague, they practically defy categorization even as they further their own unique niche. They’ve attracted other artists to their fold as well, thanks to the recordings they’ve done with such stars as Big Sandy, Kaiser George and Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater. Their albums are now considered classics and the band that was once thought of as a novelty act is among the most iconic instrumental outfits in the world.
 “We have one philosophy and that’s to keep it fun,” Angel says. “We’re a rock and roll band that distills things down to its essence. As long as we can have a good time and share that experience with our audience, we can always say that we’re satisfied.”

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Foodstock festival Part 1 / Los Straitjackets och Kepa Härkönen Strandis Larsmo Foodstock festival Part 1 / Los Straitjackets och Kepa Härkönen Strandis, Assarskärsvägen 1 Larsmo

Foodstock Festival Part 1:

22.6.2019 kl 20-23

Biljetter: 27 € ( inkl. serviceavgift )
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