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Wasa Teater - Österbottens Regionteater

Facilitering - Fortbildning med Chris Cooper

Wasa Teater - Lokala upplevelser i världsklass
Sandögatan 7, 65100 Vasa

Faciliteringskurs med Chris Cooper

Datum: fredag 30.9.2022 - lördag 1.10.2022 klockan 9-16
Plats: Wasa Teater
Kostnad: 130 € inklusive moms 24 % per person

Sista anmälningsdag: 20.5.2022
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Chris Cooper är tidigare konstnärlig ledare för Big Brum i Birmingham, England. Chris har jobbat med Teater-i-Undervisningen och teater för barn och unga sedan början av 1990-talet. Han jobbar globalt och är en anlitad pjäsförfattare, debattör och föreläsare.

Course content

The focus is on defining what facilitation is as an act of mediation well as the function of the facilitator in a drama. In this context, mediation includes the self-spectator and the empathic watcher. The course introduces the concepts of the Site and Centre and frame, task, teacher-in-role, signing, and questioning.
You will gain insight into understanding the narrative mode of meaning making and the importance of the story. You will also learn more about how the relationship between drama, play, and development are very useful areas for facilitating.
Main themes:
  1. Facilitator as mediator. What is the function of the facilitator in educational theatre and drama? What is the approach (philosophy and pedagogy) to learning that underpins it?
  2. The Centre: Everything flows through the centre. How to embed the content in every aspect of the work.
  3. Frame & role and tasks
  4. Protection (for the participants)
  5. Questioning. How to ask questions.
During the course, the participants get a coherent structure for developing a holistic approach to facilitation with young people. Chris will use text from The Clearing (WT:s TIU-produktion Glänta), or excerpts from it, as the content for practical exploration.
  • Magasinet Wasa Teater - Österbottens Regionteater
  • 30.9.2022-30.9.2022
  • 130 €
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  • Fri 30.9.2022 09am
    Facilitering - Fortbildning med Chris Cooper
    130 €
Wasa Teater - Österbottens Regionteater Wasa Teater Kyrkoesplanaden 1665100 Vaasa
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