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Satama House, AB Agentur Brüggemann & Villa Skeppet

Ekenäs Dialog - Nature meets Human-festival (all inclusive-ticket)

Enjoy a unique Finnish-German cultural festival by the sea. This years Ekenäs Dialog 2024 motto is: Nature meets Human. Nature is an elemental power. Humans are a continually growing power. How can we complement each other and shape a better future together? These questions will guide us throughout the festival and encourage an open dialogue in a personal atmosphere.
With excellent speakers from Finland and Germany, the Ekenäs Dialog will inspire and spark new perspectives. But that is not all: cultural encounters and exploring the tremendous Finnish nature will enable a magical atmosphere.

Ticket 396 €

• 5 Festival Events (3 Matinées & 2 Soirées)
• Reception Night (incl. food & drinks)
• Archipelago Boat Trip & Reading Stefan Moster (in German)
• Forest Walk
• Brunch in a Forest Clearing (incl. food & drinks)
• Free Guided Tour @Villa Skeppet
• Free Guided Tour @CHAPPE Art House
Additional Festival Discounts (booking at own expense):
• 3 Festival Dinners
• Finnish Craft Beer Tasting
• Festival partner hotel "Motel Marine"

After booking confirmation, you will receive the entire festival program and a list of discounts with more info via email.

The pre-sale ends 24.07.2024 20:00 
Arranged by AB Agentur Brüggeman, Satama House and Villa Skeppet.

In cooperation with - among others - the Aue Foundation, CHAPPE Art House, German Embassy in Helsinki, FILI - Finnish Literature Exchange, Embassy of Finland in Berlin, Finnland-Institut, It’s Finland Again! and Visit Finland.
"Arvejord – Geerbtes Land" with Maria Turtschaninoff & Ulla Ackermann
"Arvejord (Inherited Land)" tells multiple enchanting stories about short human lives on a small farmstead in northern Finland with its golden cloudberries and mythical forest creatures. The hub of the narrative is a marsh close to the farmstead. Nature is the constant, while humans are like dragonflies: here one day, gone the next. Across four centuries, the people face wars, epidemics, and heartbreaks, but they find shelter and a place to be themselves in the woods. The roots of people and forests are intertwined in the depths of the earth. Maria Turtschaninoff’s novel reminds us of where we have come from and what a relationship between humans and nature could look like in the future.
"The Future Of Our Liberal Democracies: German & Finnish Answers" with Sabine Fischer & Minna Ålander
Sabine Fischer is a leading expert on Eastern Europe and Russia, whereas Minna Ålander is a highly acclaimed researcher on Finland’s evolving role in Euro-Atlantic security. Finland shares a border with Russia that is over 1,000 km long. It joined NATO on April 4th, 2023, due to Russia’s war against Ukraine and its aggression towards Finland. Not only has Russia shaken our global security order, but liberal democracies worldwide are being tested by the rise of autocracies. What is the role of liberal democracies in a changing world order? What do they stand for? How can they pave the way for a better future?
"How Human Meets Nature" with Selja Ahava & Stefan Moster
Finnish-German writer couple Selja Ahava and Stefan Moster talk about how we encounter nature and ask whether nature remains unknown to us or whether we are part of it. Selja Ahava’s novel "Nainen joka rakasti hyönteisiä" (in English: “The Woman Who Loved Insects”, 2020) sheds light on man’s relationship with nature and God from the 17th century to the present day and examines how the naturalistic perception has changed during that time. In Stefan Moster's latest novel "Bin das noch ich" (in English: "Is that still Me", 2023), a musician who can no longer play tries to redefine his value and identity in the Finnish archipelago landscape.
"Living Together: Architecture, Nature & Society" with Jenni Reuter & Wolfram Eilenberger
Jenni Reuter and Wolfram Eilenberger talk about the role of architecture in our nature and society - in the garden of the Villa Skeppet, built by Alvar Aalto. The famous Finnish architect was inspired by nature and his social environment and preferred to use natural materials. Jenni Reuter contributes her architectural knowledge to communities in the Global South. How does a good interplay between society, nature, and architecture look like nowadays? What does sustainable architecture mean in digital times? What can we learn from Finnish architecture for our future?
"The Future Of Our Nature" with Julia Shaw & Matti Aikio with special performance by the Philomena choir.
Rooted in her expertise as a criminal psychologist, the international bestselling author Julia Shaw dives deep into the world of environmental crime in her new book. As part of her research, she captured first-hand, fascinating, and shocking details about the current state of the world. Being highly interested in indigenous perspectives, she looks forward to meeting the Sámi artist Matti Aikio who impressively visualizes the friction between modern Western societies and indigenous cultures. Julia and Matti will discuss opportunities for dialogue, the power of scientific facts and ancient wisdom – for the Future of our Nature.
Philomela (founded in 1984 in Helsinki) is an internationally renowned women's choir famous for its intensive and memorable musical performances. On our last festival night, Philomela will dedicate a selection of poetic songs - especially for our festival audience - to the beauty of Finnish nature.
  • Villa Skeppet Satama House, AB Agentur Brüggemann & Villa SkeppetSnäcksundsvägen 810600 Ekenäs
  • 24.7.2024-28.7.2024
  • 396 €
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  • Wed 24.7.2024 20pm
    Ekenäs Dialog-festival (all inclusive ticket)
Satama House, AB Agentur Brüggemann & Villa Skeppet Snäcksundsvägen 810600 Tammisaari
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