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Skafferiet r.f

Dolce & Tiger

Tickets: 25 €
Ritz-member, Volume-member, Student: 20 €

Balcony K-18
Dolce (Anna Levander and Leopold Nilsson) debuted in 2014 with the song "Hand i hand". The following year, they released their first EP "Gröna höjder" and in 2017 came the critically acclaimed debut album "Av liv och grönska". After a couple of years of silence, the band is now back with new music. Dolce's latest album "Ur Aska" was released in February 2021.
“In the middle of the pop noise, the Umeå band really stands out. Every note feels real when it streams vispop with jazz sounds from organs, strings, light drums and wind instruments. Almost a bit like taken from a folk home in Sweden in the 1970s. There is nothing like this right now. ”

Tiger consisting of Daniella Binyamin from Skåne and Oskar Nyman and Joel Isaksson from Jakobstad just released the album Det ljuva livet, which was well received by both critics and listeners. Listen to Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/13daebbVeDg0MQzofle4hQ
"There's an incredible amount to say about this album release from Tiger. It's hard to grasp that this is actually a debut album. The band feels completely secure in their music, with everything from lyrics to finished production. They make it clear that they are here to stay on the Swedish music scene and for that we are grateful."
- Tinsel Music Magazine
  • Ritz Skafferiet r.fKirkkopuistikko, Kyrkoesplanaden 2265100 Vaasa, Vasa
  • 17.9.2022-17.9.2022
  • 20-25 €
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  • Sat 17.9.2022 20pmK-18
    Dolce & TigerK-18
Skafferiet r.f Kyrkoesplanaden 22 A65100 Vaasa ritz.fi
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