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Korsholm Music Festival

25. Die Jahreszeiten

3.8. at 19.00 Vaasa City Church
Closing Concert "DIE JAHRESZEITEN"

Vaasa City Orchestra
Seinäjoki City Orchestra
Dima Slobodeniouk, conductor
Canticum Maris, chamber choir
Tarja Viitanen, choir leader
Tuuli Lindeberg, soprano
Tuomas Katajala, tenor
Arttu Kataja, bass

Tickets: 42 / 37 / 10 €
The church is numbered by rows.

Korsholm Music Festival reserves the right for changes in the programme.
  • Vaasa Church Korsholm Music FestivalKyrkoesplanaden 24, Kirkkopuistikko 2465100 Vasa, Vaasa
  • 3.8.2022-3.8.2022
  • 10-42 €
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  • Wed 3.8.2022 19pmKorsholm Music Festival 2022
    25. Die JahreszeitenKorsholm Music Festival 2022
Korsholm Music Festival Senatsgatan 165100 Vaasa
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