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Korsholm Music Festival

11. There are apricot trees!

30.7. at 19.00 Vaasa City Hall

Norrbotten NEO
Alexandra Büchel, soprano
Nikolay Shugaev, cello
Sara Hammarström, flute
Robert Ek, clarinet
Daniel Saur, percussion
Mårten Landström, piano

HEDELIN / LEINONEN / BYSTRÖM - Finland premiere

Tickets: 28 / 24 / 10 €

Korsholm Music Festival reserves the right for changes in the programme.
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  • Sat 30.7.2022 19pmKorsholm Music Festival 2022
    11. There are apricot trees!Korsholm Music Festival 2022
    28 €
Korsholm Music Festival Senatsgatan 165100 Vaasa
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